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The All-in-One Sustainability AI Assistant

CarbonGPT provides the latest carbon market data, news and project quality insights via simple queries. trains the model on preprocessed carbon data to ensure high data accuracy and relevancy.


Join over hundreds of organisations and gain access to:

Project Intelligence & Map

AI for data from carbon registries such as Verra and Gold Standard

Carbon News AI

Access local and global carbon market news via CarbonGPT

Document AI

AI for long document processing and summarisation, such as PDD

Methodology AI

Accelerate your learning and understanding of carbon project methodologies

PDD AI (coming)

AI for writing sections of project description document

Geospatial AI (coming)

Analyse a project's land using geospatial models

Unstructured data in the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) has hindered market participants' ability to analyse the market like other capital markets. CarbonGPT is the first to use fine-tuned LLM that best addresses this issue.

James Turck, CTO of Bezero Carbon

Document AI

Say goodbye to tedious document searches with multiple Ctrl+F commands.


Whether you're dealing with a 100+ page document or just need to retrieve key information, our AI can swiftly summarize or pinpoint the data you're looking for.

Carbon News AI

Your one-stop-shop news aggregation platform.


Tailored specifically for carbon traders, developers, investors, and specialists, to ensure you stay updated with the most relevant news and trends in the industry.


Methodology AI

De-mystify complex carbon methodologies with ease.


Whether it's VM0007, VM0015, VM0033, VM0042, or any other, our AI simplifies them, making them comprehensible and actionable.

Geospatial AI

Unlock the power of geospatial ML without any coding or software expertise.


Conduct land cover classification queries, obtain statistics on demand. It allows anyone to harness the capabilities of advanced geospatial models.

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