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Planting a Tree

Carbon Due Diligence

For companies who are interested in well-considered nature based solutions and high quality carbon credits. conducts independent reviews of project baselines so that you can back your projects with absolute confidence.

Our Services

Our due diligence service covers nature-based carbon offset projects of various stages of development: pre-feasibility, feasibility and project design phase. Lean on the use of our leading technology and our team of experts to apply industry-leading methodologies to the project of your interest today.

Image by Văn Ngọc Tăng



We conduct pre-feasibility assessments on projects that are yet to begin. This includes actual ground surveying, and analysing risks such as additionality, permanence, and applicability to VCS or GS methodologies. Once completed, we present the findings to you in a detailed report format. 



At the feasibility stage, will apply the selected VCS or GS methodologies such as VM0048 to the project. Currently, only a very small group of people in the industry can execute on this due to the complex models involved — is one of them.


Project Design

When your project enters the development phase, a Project Design Document (PDD) needs to be drafted. Choose to be the technical advisor for the design and implementation of your project. The team has fixed-wing flying experiences as well data collection.

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