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degraded-land, an AI-powered climate tech company that has developed predictive geospatial models for the carbon market, successfully closed an oversubscribed seed funding round today. The round was led by Silverstrand Capital, with additional support from Timbul Ventures, DMV Investments, Orvel Ventures, and Ascend Network. The new funding will be utilised to launch their geospatial infrastructure SaaS offering beyond carbon markets, into other sectors where climate modelling is also pertinent.

Headquartered in Singapore,’s audit-grade models are already being used by leading financial institutions which includes the likes of Carbon Growth Partners and major European Banks.’s solutions are tailored for users regardless of their technical knowledge in modelling, allowing for the swift and precise prospecting, due-diligence assessment, and monitoring of carbon stocks and their integrity metrics. The results of the model itself can also be  easily configured for the audit process to monetize forestry assets through carbon credits. further differentiates themselves with their proprietary geospatial machine learning infrastructure that allows them to significantly reduce time & technological barriers for developing complex climate based models.

“Our vision is to redesign the geospatial and climate modelling space by making powerful geospatial machine learning infrastructure easy to use & accessible to all, starting in the carbon markets” shared Johann Wah, the company’s Co-founder.

As part of this funding round, the Nika.Eco board welcomes Silverstrand Capital Impact Investment Manager Julianto Johanes to Nika's Board team. Patti Chu, Head of Impact Investments for Silverstrand, also joins as Strategic Advisor.

​​“The Nika.Eco team participated in our Biodiversity Accelerator+ programme, where they impressed us with their tenacity and responsiveness to the needs of the market,” shared Julianto. “As we know from some recent developments in the carbon market, and from feedback from their presentation at COP28 last year, analyses that are easy to use and understand are increasingly needed for carbon purchases and asset managers that are exposed to nature-based carbon assets or projects.”



Diana Ong, COO

About Nika.Eco is a climate-tech firm that is focused on developing advanced AI-driven predictive models for the carbon credit market using powerful geospatial ML infrastructure. Beyond carbon modelling, is looking to soon release its geospatial infrastructure technology as a standalone SaaS product to lower costs & technological barriers in the development of all climate models. For more information, visit


About Silverstrand Capital

Silverstrand Capital is a Singapore-based investment firm with an impact investment mandate to catalyse biodiversity-positive impact. Its mission is to accelerate the wide-scale restoration and conservation of ecological health and biodiversity on land and sea. Its global portfolio of startups and funds spans a wide range of sectors, including regenerative agriculture, sustainable aquaculture, and nature-based solutions.

About Timbul Ventures

Timbul Ventures is a forward-thinking investment firm dedicated to supporting innovative startups and early-stage companies. With a focus on technology-driven solutions, Timbul Ventures provides strategic capital and expertise to help entrepreneurs bring groundbreaking ideas to market. The firm is committed to fostering growth and sustainability, partnering with visionary leaders to drive transformative change across various industries. 

About Digital Mission Ventures (DMV)

Digital Mission Ventures (DMV) is dedicated to supporting redemptive enterprises through strategic investments, mentoring, and community building. Focused on early-stage tech founders, DMV integrates faith and work to foster impactful ventures. Their initiatives include funding innovative startups, offering mentorship from seasoned founders, and promoting a community of investors who aim to grow Kingdom impact.

About Orvel Ventures

Orvel Ventures is a network-driven venture capital firm investing in early-stage technology companies in Southeast Asia. They focus on supporting innovative startups across various sectors, providing both capital and strategic guidance to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses. With a strong emphasis on fostering technological advancements, Orvel Ventures partners with visionary leaders to drive growth and success in the region.

About Ascend Network

Ascend Angels is an exclusive, referral-only investor syndicate driven by founders. They focus on early-stage, growth, and later-stage investments, with a particular interest in innovative technologies such as Web3 and blockchain. By leveraging a network of experienced entrepreneurs and investors, Ascend Angels aims to support visionary startups and drive impactful growth across various industries.

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